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Malcolm Garrett 2/3

13:01 min, 2008-08-04
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Via Malcolm’s first choice of music, early German experimental electronic music, we stumble upon a fascination for all things German. Malcolm feels a little disappointed with current bands, but he does admire Rammstein and Kraftwerk. He explains how this German fascination influences his design work and way of thinking. As he embraced digital technologies early on, going hand in hand with his interest in mass communication, he saw it rather as an opportunity to explore new disciplines and ways of thinking. And things will keep on changing dramatically, also the role of the designer. New media have been democratised. Malcolm doesn’t care about the technology, he is much more interested in how people communicate. (Recorded at Typeradio’s Sweet16)

Malcolm Garrett interview

Malcolm Garrett 3/3

10:14 min, 2008-08-01
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Malcolm believes that new generations growing up with the latest digital technology will keep surprising us in the future. He foresees that the change of expectations and usage with this generation will stun us all. Malcolm thinks a lot about what he does and why he does things, sometimes too much. He tries to add layers to it. He prefers to think twice and act once, and tries not to think too much about creativity and intuition. Design just something he does. Malcolm talks about current projects like the Dublin Public Transport system and Dynamo London. He finally explains why he doesn’t really care how he is going to be remembered. (Recorded at Typeradio’s Sweet16)

Malcolm’s studio AIG
Dynamo London

Malcolm Garrett 1/3

12:42 min, 2008-08-01
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Typeradio talked on the phone to Malcolm Garrett. As religion is the root of all evil Malcolm doesn’t want any part of it. He doesn’t trust himself as he is easily persuaded and difficult to convince. He is weary of heroes and currently questions the value of his possessions, although he does have a quite specific collection. Malcolm was once invited to join a punk band but never aspired to be a musician. Actually, he doesn’t even hold musicians in very high regard. (Recorded at Typeradio’s Sweet16)

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Malcolm’s former studio AMX
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